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Peer Support Leader Guide: PSL FAQs

This guide is designed for our Peer Support Leaders to contain all the information they require to carry out their role, including key contacts, the process for the observations and how to claim their pay.

Peer Support Leader FAQs


Where can I find the observation sheets?

You can download these from the online Peer Support Leader Guide.

We also have paper copies in the PAL office by the whiteboard – so pop in and grab one!

What if one of my assigned PAL Leaders won’t respond to me about arranging an observation?

If you have tried to contact one of your PAL Leaders and they are consistently not responding, let the Central PAL Team know and we will assign you a new PAL Leader.

What if a PAL Leader does not respond well to my feedback?

Using the techniques we have covered during the training should reduce the risk of this happening. However, if a PAL Leader has made you uncomfortable with their behaviour, please come and chat to us about it.

What do I do if I have any concerns about the PAL Leader/PAL session I have observed?

Come and talk to us in the PAL office and we address your concerns.