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EndNote desktop guide: EndNote in the research process

Where does EndNote sit in the research process?

If you are undertaking a project that involves managing lots of references, like a systematic review or writing a thesis, you should consider using bibliographic referencing software. There are a number of products used for this purpose, such as EndNote, Mendeley and RefWorks. At the University we use EndNote and for larger projects we recommend EndNote desktop rather than EndNote online.

Why should I use them?

In the long run, a product like EndNote will save you time. Primary advantages include the ability to:

  • Manage large number of references
  • Create automatically citations and references in your written work
  • Use more than 6000+ referencing styles (most major journal styles available + BU Harvard in EndNote)

Particular tasks where the software will help to save you a lot of time include:

  • Title and abstract sifting
  • Full text harvesting
  • Writing for submission/publication.

Where does EndNote (bibliographic referencing software) sit in the search process?

Diagram of EndNote's place within the research process