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EndNote desktop guide: Have you? - 10 point checklist

Must do's

The following is a checklist of essential tasks you must complete / understand by the time you start using your library. Have a quick look through it now, and look back at it again when you have undertaken your training. Have you...


It is not recommended to use EndNote desktop until you have undertaken training. Please contact:

  1. Identified the two parts of an EndNote library; an .enl file and a .data folder. Remember to keep these two parts together in the same folder and with the same name e.g. myresearchlibrary.enl + [further information]
  2. Saved your library to an appropriate location (not cloud storage) [further information]
  3. Identified how to create a compressed library as a backup (a .enlx file) [further information]
  4. Installed the BU Harvard referencing style file if you need it (called Harvard(BourneU)) [further information]
  5. Read about how to remove duplicates [further information]
  6. Learned how to remove references from groups rather than your entire library [further information]
  7. Set up your journals term lists [further information]
  8. Created your EndNote online account, if you want to synchronise with EndNote online, share or access remotely your library [further information]
  9. Installed the Cite While you Write tool bar in Word if you are using it on your own machine [further information]
  10. Understood that using EndNote / CWYW to create citations / references in your Word document is an all or nothing process (you cannot manually edit these citations / references once started)