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This is a guide for Placement PAL Leaders.

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What is Placement PAL?

Placement PAL is a branch of PAL that specialises in providing  guidance around placements.

Unlike regular PAL (delivered by Level 5 to Level 4), Placement PAL Leaders are Level 6 Leaders that deliver to Level 5 students. This is due to the fact that they have already undertaken a placement and can impart their wisdom and experiences on placement related topics, as well as help Level 5 students to prepare for placements.

Each Faculty runs Placement PAL in a different way, tailored to the needs of the students and this year's circumstances with online delivery is no exception. Those departments running Placement PAL this year will be incorporating the role of the Placement PAL Leader with existing placement support.


In the Business School, Placement PAL Leaders have been recruited to assist with STEEP work. For more information about STEEP, visit the BU website here.


In the Faculty of Science and Technology and Faculty of Media and Communication, Placement PAL Leaders will be assisting Placement Co-ordinators with specific Placement Support sessions. Expectations of delivery will be shared during the recruitment process by Placement Co-ordinators.

James Harrison - My Placement Story

James has been one of our fantastic Placement PAL Leaders for the Faculty of Media & Communication. He facilitated some great sessions during the FMC Placement PAL events. Find out more about his placement story.

Josie Hagan - My Placement Story

Josie worked closely with her Placement Co-ordinators to ensure she delivered some fantastic Placement PAL sessions for the Department of Life & Environmental Sciences within SciTech. Find out more about her placement story.

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Placement PAL Main Contacts

Please find below who the main contact is for your role as a Placement PAL Leader:


Joanna Milner -


LES - Jane Sutherland -

Psychology - Shona-Leigh Freeman -

A&A - Shona-Leigh Freeman -

Computing & Informatics - Sarah Dymott -

Creative Tech - Sophie Millar -

Design & Engineering - Sophie Millar -


Salvatore Scifo -


Gail Combes -