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Placement PAL Central: Placement PAL Pay

This is a guide for Placement PAL Leaders.

Placement PAL Pay


The deadline for pay claim forms is the 1st of each month.

Pay forms that are submitted late will not be approved until the following deadline.

You will be paid 1 month in arrears (e.g. your September hours will be paid at the end of October) to allow the Central PAL Team and Payroll time to process the high volume of claims received.

Pay Rate for PAL Leaders 2020-21

The pay rate for your PAL work will be £11.02 per hour, mirroring the National Living Wage for Student Leaders at BU. This has been endorsed by the Student Work on Campus Steering Group in March 2018 and is in use with all student PAL roles.


New Process

The timesheet for payment needs to be downloaded from PAL Central and typed (please do not print and write on them).

It should be one calendar month per timesheet – even if you have one date for the previous month, this requires a new form for that month!

You must complete another form with all details if you run out of space.

Once you have completed the form please email it to the PAL team: (use this email if you have any queries).

To change your address or bank details please contact HR:

However, there is a different process for Tier 4 (international) students which you can find under the ‘Tier 4 PAL Leader’ tab.

Tax Information

If you have any concerns regarding tax on your PAL Pay - for example, you think you are being taxed too much - please direct all tax-related queries to who will be able to advise.

The Central PAL Team authorise the PAL pay claims but do not process your payslips, pension or tax.

Pension Information

You will be automatically enrolled into the the Local Government Pension Scheme and will contribute from your first day of employment.

If you want to opt-out of the pension scheme, an opt-out form is available from (Forms, Guides and Factsheets section).

Please note: you cannot sign and date the opt-out form until, at the earliest, the first day of membership of the scheme, and, by law BU may not provide you with the opt-out form. You will need to send this form to the following address:

Bournemouth University Payroll

Melbury House,

1-3 Oxford Road,



For general information about pensions and saving for retirement please visit Pension information is available in the BU staff handbook and website, and if you have any questions please email

Tier 4 PAL Leaders

If you are a Tier 4 student your pay system will be different.

You will need to print the Tier 4 pay claim form (found below) and fill out your hours. Please ensure you physically (not digitally) sign next to 'Signature of Claimant'.
You will then need to submit your pay claims to the Central PAL Team office for checking against your registers.

We are in the office Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm with the exception of meetings etc. If we are in the office, please come and give it to us.

The deadline for submitting your pay claims to the Central PAL Team is also the 1st of each month.

Your claims are then passed on by the Central PAL Team to the faculty who will log your hours and authorise your pay claim before submitting to Payroll.

Link to Download Forms

You can download the PAL Pay claim form here.

Once completed, please email the claim to in Excel format.


We recommend you retain a copy of your pay claim for your own records.

You can claim up to a maximum of 3 months at a time, but we do recommend submitting a claim monthly to avoid a backlog of claims.


Please specify on your form that the work you have carried out is 'Placement PAL' work to avoid confusion with regular PAL claims.

How do I complete my pay claim form?

Please don't worry if you are struggling to complete your pay claim form! You can find a downloadable example here of a completed form with information on how to fill in each field.

Post and Employee Numbers

Within your pay claim, you will need to fill out your post number. You will be emailed this by either the PTHP Team or the Central PAL Team. This is a 9 digit number - the first 6 can be found below, but the last 3 are individual to you like an employee number.

The first six digits are dependent on which faculty you are in:

Health & Social Sciences: 504378

Management: 504100

Media & Communication: 0H0067

Science & Technology: 503810

You will also need your employee number to put on your pay form - this should also be on the email you receive from the PTHP/Central PAL Teams. If you can't find it or the email doesn't contain that information, email and we can provide it for you.


As evidence of having run your session, you will need to complete on online register on a safe Sharepoint set up by the Central PAL Team. Attendance for the session should be uploaded to the sharepoint during or straight after the session.

It is crucial that you include the dates of the sessions you have done.

Without the completion of a corresponding register to your pay claim, we will not be able to process your pay claim form.


Please see the below FAQs if there are any problems with the registers:

What if I have not received my register?

Please bear with us as we have a high volume of registers to distribute. If you have not received the link to your new register by midday on Friday 4th September, please email and we will get this sent out to you.

What if the register I have been sent is not the correct group?

Please contact us at and we can look to resolve where there has been a mix up. The allocations on the registers are based on the information timetabling have provided us with. If there are changes to allocations, these don’t always get passed on to the Central PAL Team so please let us know!

What if there are students attending my sessions that are not on the register?

It may be that you have students attending your PAL sessions that are supposed to attend other sessions. If this happens, check with the student to see if your session is the one they have timetabled or if they are attending it for another reason. It may be that other PAL Leaders from your programme are wondering why their students aren’t turning up! Communicate with your other PAL Leaders and your PAL Academic to let them know if this is the case. For those that attend that are not on the register, add them to the bottom of your register but highlight them in a different colour so it is clear they are not supposed to be in your group.

Do I need to submit a pay claim if I fill out the online register?

To confirm, you still need to submit a pay claim form as well as completing your register. Your register will be used as evidence and measured against your pay claim form, so both are required.

How often do I need to update my registers?

We recommend completing your register during or after every PAL session you hold so you don’t forget who attended. It is important to keep this regularly updated as you will not get paid unless you online registers match your claim.

If you have any questions, please let us know at

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