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EndNote Online: Adding References

Four ways to add references to Endnote

The videos on this page explain four methods of adding references to your Endnote library.

The best one to start with is 'Adding references to Endnote from 'EBSCO database Search' as this is the quickest way to add journal article references.

Even if you find an article another way, it is best to search for it again on mySearch and add it to Endnote in the way explained in this video. 

You can add a reference from many database as well as Google Scholar by looking for the RIS file.

  • In Google Scholar look for the speach marks symbol (") with 'cite next to it - here you can select Refman at the bottom of the page.
  • This downloads an RIS file into your downloads folder (you may see it at the bottom of your browser).
  • In Endnote, go to Collect n the ribbon at the top, and then select Import references
  • Select the RIS file you downloaded, and make sure the import option is set to RefMan RIS
  • You can add the reference into a group or into your unfiled area,

This method can be used in most databases although the appearance and terminology will vary, but look for RIS file or RefMan.

Sometimes you can't add a reference directly and you need to create a reference directly in Endnote. To do this:

  • Go to Collect in the ribbon across the top
  • Select the middle option New Reference
  • select the appropriate Reference Type and enter all the information you need to include in your reference - all the other spaces can be left blank.