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EndNote Online: Creating References

Getting References out of Endnote

  1. There are two main ways of using Endnote for your referencing.

  2. The simplest way is to use Endnote to create your reference list (which Enndnote calls a Bibliographyy, which you can then cut and paste at the end of your piece of work.
    You can get references directly from mySearch.

  1. To get a reference click on the folder icon next to the title of the article you want so it turns yellow.
  2. Then click on the folder icon on the top of the page.
  1. Select the articles you want, or select all.

  2. Press export then select Direct Export to Endnote Web to proceed.

  3. Endnote Web should open with your new references in Unfiled. You may have to log in if you havn't done so already..