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EndNote Online: Problems?

Sometimes Endnote has incorrect details for one of your sources and this can cause the reference to be incorrect. 

To update your references and citations in Microsoft Word, when you are using Cite While Your Write:

  • Edit the reference in Endnote clicking on the title, and tthen adjust the source type at the top if necessary, and any data fields which may be incorrect.
  • In Word select  Update Citations and Bibliography.
  • If this does not resolve the issue, select Convert Citations and Bibliography, and then select Convert to Unformatted Ciations. This will show the Endnote coding - then select Update Citations and Bibliography again and the references and citations should update correctly.


You can often create duplicates in Endnote when you are sending lots of references from databases into your library.

  • You can easily remove duplicates by selecting Organize, and then Find Duplicates. 
  • It will show all your duplciates and suggest which one should be deleted - you can change the selection, and the select Delete.