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EndNote Online: Get Started

Signing up for an account

Get Started

  1. There are two different versions of Endnote.

  2. Endnote Desktop is a programme which is ideal for those writing a thesis or for publication. Endnote Online is accessible through a web browser, and is recommended for ordinary academic work such as essays or final year projects.

  3. This guide is to help you set up and use Endnote Online.
    Sign up through the Web of Science database.

  1. Go into the A-Z of resources link under mySearch in the Brightspace Library Area.

    In W find Web of Science.

    and use the On or Off Campus link.
  2. In Web of Science you'll see the black bar at the top of the page - select Endnote. This will mean it recognises you as having a BU account.
  1. This is the layout of Endnote Online.

  2. You run Endnote through the ribbon at the top using my references, collect etc.

  3. Your groups are managed on the left hand side, and your references are displayed in the main panel in the centre.