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PAL Academic Course Contact Guide: Home

This is a guide created by the Central PAL Team that provides information and advice on being a PAL Academic Course contact.

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PAL Academic Course Contact (ACC) Guide

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The Academic Course Contact Role

This guide is designed with our Academic Course Contacts in mind. PAL Academic Course Contacts (ACCs) are integral to the running of the PAL Scheme as they enable PAL Leaders in all of our programmes to have a programme specific contact for PAL-related matters. As a Central PAL Team, we work collaboratively with our PAL ACCs to get PAL Leaders recruited, employed and trained for the role along with providing support throughout the academic year. 

To find out what the Academic Course Contact (ACC) role entails, please see the following page: Academic Course Contact Role.

To see a list of the PAL ACCs for each programme at BU, please see the following page: PAL ACCs

The ACC for a programme may or may not be a Programme Leader. If the information we have is not up to date, or you are aware of any changes to the PAL ACC role for your programme, please email so that we can keep our records and PAL Leaders updated. 


In this current time of uncertainty, we are unsure of what the next academic year brings. This has prompted us to create a contingency plan for PAL in case we have not moved back to face-to-face teaching on campus. We are putting in place certain measures to ensure that our PAL Leaders and students receiving PAL will be able to participate in online PAL Sessions. 

We have already created a guide for our current PAL Leaders on how to run their PAL Sessions for the rest of the rest of the semester, which can be found here:

PAL Twitter page

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