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PAL Academic Course Contact Guide: FAQs

This is a guide created by the Central PAL Team that provides information and advice on being a PAL Academic Course contact.


When can my PAL Leaders start work?

PAL Leaders can only begin work once they have completed their training and provided all of the employment documentation necessary.

Going forward, HR have informed us that they will be managing the PAL Leader employment process and will be notifying PAL Leaders to confirm when they are able to start work.

It is vital that PAL Leaders do not start work until HR have verified they are able to.

What if I have Tier 4 PAL Leaders?

You need to be conscious of working hours allowance. Please flag this to the Operations Manager in your faculty.

What if I want PAL Leaders to do extra work?

Try to avoid this where possible if it hasn't already been agreed. Remember what PAL Leaders are contracted for - to run facilitation sessions. You can speak to ADSE about extra work and CC in the PAL Team as we manage the pay claims.

What if I don't recruit enough PAL Leaders?

You need to talk to recruited PAL Leaders about taking on more than one session. This should be manageable and ideally no more than 2 sessions in total per leader. Also liaise with programmes in the same department to find PALs from similar disciplines - it doesn't matter if they take sessions for students from a different programme, as leaders are facilitators and not content experts.

What happens if one of my PAL Leaders drops out mid-term?

You need to notify the seminar group that there may be disruption or no sessions for a few weeks, but it needs to be resolved ASAP. Ask other PAL Leaders about covering an extra session, or see if a similar subject has reserves/willing leaders. A last resort is talking to timetabling and seeing if you can merge 2 groups.

How much are PAL Leaders paid?

PAL Leaders are paid £10.44 per hour from 1st April 2019. They get paid for 1.5 hours per session (1 hour session and 30 minutes prep time).

Can I monitor attendance?

We can grant access to registers if you so wish.