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PAL Academic Course Contact Guide: Facilitation Course

This is a guide created by the Central PAL Team that provides information and advice on being a PAL Academic Course contact.

PAL Leader Facilitation Course

Successful PAL Leaders are all required to attend a mandatory PAL Leader Facilitation Course. The PAL facilitation course takes a mixed method approach, using both online modules and a face to face session. PAL Leaders will need to complete both aspects before they can begin their role as a PAL Leader.

Last year we introduced a mixed method of online modules as well as a face to face facilitation course. Our PAL Leaders completed 2 hours of online modules before participating in a full day 'face to face' facilitation course. 

Due to the current situation, we have been working to to make the majority of our Facilitation Course online to ensure student will be able to complete the course remotely. However, we are still aiming to have face to face facilitation. Depending on whether the campuses will be open or not, this will either be in person or via a virtual classroom. 

If you would like to access our current online modules, please use the link below.

The password is PALCOURSE19