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PAL Academic Course Contact Guide: Promote Sessions

This is a guide created by the Central PAL Team that provides information and advice on being a PAL Academic Course contact.

Promote Sessions

Promoting Sessions

Why go to PAL?

Working with Academics to Promote Attendance

Academic Course Contacts (that's you) can be a good place to go when leaders are having trouble promoting PAL.

You can recommend topics to cover, ways to improve attendance, and communicate with the students and tell them attending would beneficial for their development. You can also help them review and reflect on why the students may not be coming to PAL sessions.


Promote Sessions

PAL sessions are not compulsory to attend and as soon as most Freshers learn this they stop attending.

Of course, PAL Leaders shouldn't advertise the sessions as being mandatory but you should encourage the students to treat the sessions like lesctures and seminars. These are timetabled and attendance is likely to help their academic progress! Put an emphasis on leaders covering what the students want and as this will help their progress, academic or otherwise.

Low Attendance and Pay

If PAL Leaders have multiple sessions with no attendance, the registers will be empty and we will assume they haven't been running sessions. This may lead to leaders not being paid.

Constant low attendance means they should complete an action plan to show their proactiveness in trying to boost attendance for your sessions. If they continue to have issues after promoting the sessions, they should meet the PAL team for an appointment so we can offer some help and ideas! This also lets us know that they are running the sessions.