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PAL Academic Course Contact Guide: Your Role as an ACC

This is a guide created by the Central PAL Team that provides information and advice on being a PAL Academic Course contact.

Academic Course Contact Role

PAL Leader Recruitment

As an Academic Course Contact, you will be responsible for the recruitment of your PAL Leaders each year.

Please see the 'Recruitment' tab to find more information on the process of recruiting and how students can apply for the role.

Academic support

Being a Liaison 

We expect PAL Leaders to communicate with you if they have any concerns or feedback. Although PAL Leaders are encouraged to find out from their students what they want covered, it is also valuable for you to act as a liaison between PAL Leaders and your Level 4 academic programme colleagues.

Pastoral support

Encouraging student attendance

Within your role as a PAL Academic Course Contact, it is important to support your PAL Leaders - this includes helping to encourage Level 4 students to attend the sessions in order for the PAL Leaders to have a good turn out each week. 

See 'the 'Promoting Sessions' page for more information.


PAL Leader Resignation

Every now and then, we get PAL Leaders who do not want to continue in their role - this can be for personal reasons or occasionally can be related to workload balance. As a Central PAL Team, we understand that your students' studies take priority. However we need to ensure that the absence of the PAL Leader is covered to ensure that their students are not missing out on the support PAL provides.

Please see below the process for covering a PAL Leader's session:

1. The first step is communicating with the group receiving PAL and explain that there may be some temporary disruption to their PAL sessions whilst you are arranging another leader to take over the group if you do not have a reserve in place

2. Talk to your existing PAL Leaders and see if anyone would be happy to take on another session - this needs to be someone you think can manage the workload. They will be paid for the additional sessions they take on.

3. If none of your PAL Leaders engage with taking on an additional session, then we have two options:

A - speak to timetabling to see if it is possible to merge two seminar groups together for PAL 

B - contact your Level 5 students to ask if anyone would be interested in becoming a PAL Leader and recruit a student if there is interest

4. Please cc in the Central PAL Team to all correspondence around covering a PAL session so we can support, assist and inform where possible