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PAL Central: Faculty Timetablers

An online hub of guidance and resources for our PAL Leaders and their Level 4 students.

Faculty admin

If you have any issues with the timetabling of your session (either one-off or recurring) you will need to contact your Faculty Timetabler.

Please note:

  • Timetablers are very busy so you will need to provide as much information in your initial email as possible (recommend creating an email signature stating your name, programme and which PAL group you run)
  • Issues with timetabling (e.g. scheduling) will need to be highlighted early, as there is a deadline for making changes to the timetable – this is typically within the first two weeks of each semester
  • A list of Faculty Timetablers and their contact details can be found below

Faculty Timetablers contact information

Faculty Timetabler Email Phone Location
Business School Theresa Lange 01202 962582 DG14
Media & Communication Hannah Aston 01202 961794 W117
Science & Technology Wendy Kennedy 01202 961595 C108
Health & Social Sciences Paul Crowther 01202 961703 R712