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Referencing - UK & EU Law: Law Commission report/paper

How do I reference a Law Commission report or consultation paper?

This guidance applies whether you found the document in print or online.

Law Commission, | title | (Law Com No | number, | year)

Footnote and bibliography:
e.g. Law Commission, Reforming Bribery  (Law Com No 313, 2008)

To pinpoint a paragraph, follow the citation with ‘para’ and the paragraph number. To pinpoint several paragraphs, follow the citation with ‘paras’ and insert a dash between the paragraph numbers:
e.g. Law Commission, Reforming Bribery  (Law Com No 313, 2008) paras 3.12-3.17


Give the title in italics.

Give the first letter of all major words a capital letter. Minor words (e.g. 'for', 'and', 'or', 'the') should not be capitalized, unless they begin a title or a subtitle.

If the item has a title and a subtitle that are not separated by punctuation, insert a colon : between them.

Consultation paper

For a Law Commission consultation paper, give the Law Com CP number, e.g. Law Commission, Privity of Contracts: Contracts for the Benefit of Third Parties (Law Com CP No 121, 1991).