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Referencing - UK & EU Law: Select Committee report

How do I reference a Select Committee report?

This guidance applies whether you found the document in print or online.

committee name, | title | (HL or HC | session, | paper number | volume number)

Footnote and bibliography:
e.g. Science and Technology Committee, Genomic Medicine (HL 2008-09, 107-I)

To pinpoint a paragraph, follow the citation with ‘para’ and the paragraph number. To pinpoint several paragraphs, follow the citation with ‘paras’ and insert a dash between the paragraph numbers:
e.g. Science and Technology Committee, Genomic Medicine (HL 2008-09, 107-I) paras 3.1-3.6


Give the title of a report in italics.

Give the first letter of all major words a capital letter. Minor words (e.g. 'for', 'and', 'or', 'the') should not be capitalized, unless they begin a title or a subtitle.

If a report has a title and a subtitle that are not separated by punctuation, insert a colon : between them.

House(s) of Parliament

Select Committees work in both Houses of Parliament. Indicate the House as follows: 

  • House of Commons = HC
  • House of Lords = HL.

For reports of Joint Committees, give both the House of Lords and House of Commons paper numbers in that order, e.g. Joint Committee on Human Rights, Legislative Scrutiny: Digital Economy Bill (2009–10, HL 44, HC 327).

Volume number

Cite the paper number, followed by a comma and the volume number, e.g. 107–I. The volume number should be given in Roman numerals.