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PAL Central: Emailing your PAL group

An online hub of guidance and resources for our PAL Leaders and their Level 4 students.


Emailing Students

Emailing your PAL group through their BU email addresses can be used for session reminders, for example encouraging your group to engaging and communicating with the Teams channel for your PAL session. Make sure to be aware of boundaries when contacting students through both targeted mediums such as email, as well as broader ones such as Teams. For more information on setting boundaries and using correct 'Netiquette' with your Level 4 seminar group, please follow this link: Netiquette



  • Thank, acknowledge and support people freely (e.g. ‘I liked your comment on’, ‘I agree with that’)
  • Acknowledge before differing (‘what I think you mean is.. have I got that right?’)
  • Keep message easy to understand, and accessible to a diversity of learning and comprehension styles (write concisely).
  • Respect the people in your group, including their pronouns.


  • Type your emails in capitals (known as SHOUTING).
  • Post with the intention of annoying someone or disrupting their discussion (trolling).

For our full guidance on Netiquette, please see here: Netiquette

BU Email

BU student email is brought to you by Microsoft's Office365 facility. This provides you with Windows Live™ IDs and a University email address (ie

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Use email through graduation and beyond
  • Protect email from spam & viruses
  • Use mailbox aggregation that allows you to aggregate other personal email accounts within Outlook
  • Get access to your email, contacts and calendar from anywhere including a broad range of active sync enabled phones (examples: Windows Phone, iPhone, Android)
  • Get 25GB inbox, 25MB attachments

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