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PAL Central: Academic Course Contacts

An online hub of guidance and resources for our PAL Leaders and their Level 4 students.

Your PAL Academic Course Contact will be one of your main points of contact during your time as a PAL Leader as they are there to provide support to you and can assist with programme specific matters. If you have any problems or concerns about your PAL role, you need to inform both the Central PAL Team and your PAL Academic Course Contact.

You should contact your PAL Academic Course Contact  and the Central PAL Team if:

  • You are unable to run one of your PAL sessions
  • You are experiencing problems with the timing of your PAL session (as soon as possible)
  • The attendance rate at your PAL sessions is low
  • You have feedback from your PAL group to pass on to academic teams
  • You encounter any problems with running your sessions
  • You have any other concerns during your role as a PAL Leader

To find out more about how your PAL Academic Course Contact can support you, what you can gain from them, and how they can benefit from you, please click on the PDF image to the right. The file will open in a separate tab.

Please see below for a list of the PAL ACCs across all four faculties.

PAL Academic Course Contact details


Faculty of Health and Social Sciences

Programme PAL ACC
HSS PAL main contact Mike Knight
Nursing - Adult Ashley Spriggs
Nursing - Mental Health Teresa Burdett 
Nursing - CYP Alexandra Hull
Midwifery Debbee Houghton/ Juliet Wood 
Nutrition Sarah Hillier 
Paramedic Science

Adam Bancroft

Physiotherapy Kathryn Collins
Occupational Therapy Saffron Scott
Social Work Fiona Cusack
Sociology Jayne Caudwell
Sociology & Criminology Gavin Weston
Sociology & Anthropology Rosie Read
Sociology & Politics TBA
Operating Department Practice Debora Almeida
Sport and Exercise Science (Clinical Science) Rebecca Neal
Criminology Mark Berry 
Criminology & Psychology

Caroline Andow

Criminology & Law

Richard Heslop 

Sports Therapy Malika Felton 
Registered Nursing Degree Apprenticeship Dawn Morley



Bournemouth University Business School

Programme PAL ACC
Events Management Aravind Reghunathan 
International Hospitality Management Anya Chapman
Sports Development and Coaching Sciences Daniel Lock
Sports Management Daniel Lock
Sports Psychology and Coaching Sciences Daniel Lock
Tourism Management Anya Chapman
Business and Management (Business Studies) Roberta Discetti
Accounting and Finance Tahani Mohamed
BSc Marketing Ediz Akcay
International Tourism Hospitality Management Anya Chapman



Faculty of Media and Communication

Programme PAL ACC
BA Communication and Media Phil Wilkinson
English Tom Masters
Marketing Communications Sae Oshima and Mona Seyed Esfahani
Computer Animation Art and Design Reza Yousefzadeh
Computer Animation Technical Arts Oleg Fryazinov
Visual Effects Adam Redford
History Laura Ramsay
Multimedia Journalism  David Brine
Sports Multimedia Journalism  David Brine
Television Production Carina Westling (PAL Leader Recruitment)
Graham Majin (PAL Leader Support)
Politics Jenny Alexander and Dawid Pekalski
Media Production Isabel Forrest/Kathryn McDonald/Rebecca Bond/ Carolina Machado Oliveira
BA Film Simon Perkins
Law Melanie Stockton-Brown
Photography James Fair



Faculty of Science and Technology

Programme PAL ACC
Computing (including Cyber Security Management) Heather Mayes
Music and Sound Production Clive Radford
Games Design Huiwen Zhao
Games Software Engineer  Karsten Pedersen (Leigh to also be contacted by Central PAL)
Design and Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering Russell Wade
Psychology Sarah Collard
BA Archaeology Tim Darvill
BSc Archaeology Dave Parham
Archaeological, Anthropological and Forensic Sciences Dave Parham
Forensic Investigation Sally Reynolds
Forensic Science Richard Paul
Forensic Biology Samuel Rennie
Biological Science Demetra Andreou 
Environmental Science Iain Green
Geography Andrew Ford 
Anthropology Fabio Parracho Silva
Archaeology and Anthropology Ellen Hambleton
Ecology and Wildlife Conservation Amanda (Mandy) Korstjens 
Biomedical Sciences Anna Mantzouratou
Medical Sciences Sarah Upson