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PAL Central: PAL Facilitation Course

An online hub of guidance and resources for our PAL Leaders and their Level 4 students.

PAL Facilitation Course 2023

Pay form

In order to be paid for the Facilitation Course, you need to download the pay claim template below.

Once you have completed both the online modules and the F2F course, you will be able to submit your pay claim for completed the Facilitation Course - they must be submitted on the same pay claim.

After completing the pay claim, please email the claim to in Excel format.

We recommend you retain a copy of your pay claim for your own records.

The only details on this claim you will need to complete are:

  • Name
  • Faculty
  • Month you completed the course
  • Dates you completed the course
  • Signature (typed name)
  • Date you submit the pay claim

Please ensure this is sent to us by the 1st of the following month (submit by 1st October if completing the course in September)


Tier 4 students need to complete a different time sheet, to keep track of the hours you are working in total and ensure these to not exceed your Visa restrictions. The claim can be found below:

Post and employee numbers

You won't have been sent your post and employee number yet so don't worry about filling in that part of the form, you can send us your timesheet without them! 

We will be sending out post/employee numbers to you via your student email as soon as we have received them. 

PAL pay

The pay rate for your PAL work will be £12.94 per hour, mirroring the National Living Wage for Student Leaders at BU. This has been endorsed by the Student Work on Campus Steering Group and is in use with all student PAL roles.

You will be paid 1 month in arrears (e.g. your May hours will be paid at the end of June) to allow the Central PAL Team and Payroll time to process the high volume of claims received.


For this course, you will be paid:

  • 3 hours for completion of Brightspace Online Modules
  • 3 hours for the F2F Facilitation Course


Your must submit a separate pay claim per month.

If you did your Brightspace modules in July and completed a virtual course in August, please break these up into two separate pay claims of 3 hours each. They can be included in one email together though!