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PAL Central: PAL Leader Benefits

An online hub of guidance and resources for our PAL Leaders and their Level 4 students.

PAL Leader Benefits 

PAL Hoodies

As PAL Leaders are representatives of Bournemouth University and its Peer Assisted Learning Scheme, you have to look the part!!

You will receive your very own PAL hoodie in our iconic signature teal colour for you to wear around campus, but most importantly to your PAL sessions!

You will have requested your size on the form when you applied to be a PAL Leader - however if you have not specified your size to us, please email it to us.

Hoodies will be available for collection from the PAL office in September, you will be notified by email when this will be.


Hear From Our Leaders

Other Benefits

  • Presentation and leadership skills are matured over the academic year as the Leaders have to present with conviction on a weekly basis to a group of students.
  • PAL Leaders have indicated that, through their experiences in PAL, they have both developed their personal and professional skills and have gained experience that has proved valuable on their CV and at job interviews.
  • Leaders have to develop their time management skills when planning and delivering their PAL sessions.
  • Leaders also indicate the benefit of revisiting and reviewing Year 1 course materials again because this process helps to underpin their studies in year 2.
  • This is also an opportunity to make new friends and contacts from your PAL group and from the wider PAL Leader community at the University.

Enhance your CV

PAL will provide you with valuable experience to enhance your CV and future job prospects.

This includes the development of personal and employability skills such as leadership, organising, time management, listening, interpersonal communication, team working and facilitation.

It will enable you to gain confidence and develop your presentation skills.

Don't forget to put PAL Leader on your CV to show an application of the skills mentioned above, which are viewed highly in any workplace!


We encourage you to get as creative as possible in your sessions, and we have resources that you can borrow to do just that!

In the PAL office in DL129, we have the following resources that you can sign out and use:

  • Flipchart papers (ideal for posters and group work)
  • Name labels (ideal for your first few sessions to learn your students' names)
  • Post it notes
  • Extra board markers
  • Balls of string
  • Jenga
  • Twister
  • Lego

Global Talent Programme

The Global Talent Programme is a free, innovative, extra-curricular award tailored to your needs. GTP has been developed with employers to help our students discover and demonstrate their potential to work in a truly global way.

It includes employer-led workshops, self-directed e-learning, team assignments, business challenges and 100+ exciting activities to help you evidence that you've crossed physical and cultural boundaries to deliver outstanding results.

It is a perfect addition to your studies, enhancing your future and recognising your achievement above and beyond your academic degree.

Being a PAL Leader is recognised as part of the Global Talent Programme and allows you to gain credit towards your Global Talent Award.

The programme is open to new registrations. For more information and to register visit