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PAL Central: Observations

An online hub of guidance and resources for our PAL Leaders and their Level 4 students.

Observation Form

The observation form can be found attached below.

What are observations?


  • Those being observed are PAL Leaders who are undertaking their sessions this year
  • We recruit former PAL Leaders as Peer Support Leaders as you can empathise with the PAL Leaders as well as being able to using and sharing your own experiences to offer advice
  • Observations are carried out by:
    • The Central PAL Team
    • Peer Support Leaders
    • Some members of the LLS team


  • 1 hour long observations of online PAL sessions to see how the PAL sessions are running
  • The observation will be documented using observation forms during the session
  • There will be a brief 5 minute meeting before the session and 10 minutes of verbal feedback after the session, followed by a written summary on the form
  • The completed observation form is then sent to the Central PAL Team at and a copy to the PAL Leader within 2 working days of the observation

When & Where?

  • The Central PAL Team will be allocating observation dates and times 
  • We will schedule your observations and send you the details of them
  • Your observer will have the time and location of your observation and will meet you 5 minutes before your session is due to start


  • Observations are part of the support package that PAL Leaders receive
  • They are carried out to ensure that PAL Leaders feel supported
  • They also help us to identify any potential problems or concerns with PAL sessions/Leaders at an early opportunity

Before the Observation

  • You will be contacted in advance about the arrangement of the observation
  • You will be provided with the email address of your observer so you can communicate beforehand if necessary 
  • You will meet with your observer 5 minutes before the session so they can introduce themselves and brief you on the process
  • The details of your observation will not be shared with anyone other than the Central PAL Team. Your observer will keep your observation notes confidential.

During the Observation

  • The observer will not participate or interrupt the session
  • You can introduce your observer to your students if it would put them at ease about the observer not being present to observe them
  • You should not refer to your observer or ask them questions during your session - the session should take place as if the observer was not present
  • If you have no students turn up to your session, you will need to discuss this with your observer

After the Observation

  • You will need to set aside 15 minutes after your PAL session for your observer to discuss the session and provide you with feedback
  • This will be verbal feedback about what went well and what could be improved - they may also connect this to their own experience and tips
  • If you have a lecture of seminar straight after your PAL session, please agree a later time to meet with your observer to gain the feedback.
  • You will receive a written copy of your observation within 2 working days of the observation taking place

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