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Referencing - International Law: Newspaper article

How do I reference a newspaper article?

This guidance applies to print newspapers and some online newspapers (see 'Online newspapers', below).

author, | 'title' | newspaper | (city of publication, | date)

e.g. Jane Croft, 'Supreme Court Warns on Quality' Financial Times (London, 1 July 2010)

e.g. Croft J, 'Supreme Court Warns on Quality' Financial Times (London, 1 July 2010)

To pinpoint, follow the citation with the page number if available. To pinpoint several pages, insert a dash between the page numbers:
e.g. Croft J, 'Supreme Court Warns on Quality' Financial Times (London, 1 July 2010) 3

Online newspapers

If possible, cite an online newspaper article as if it were the printed newspaper.

However, if an article has been found online and there is no page number available for a pinpoint, provide the web address and the date of access:

Ian Loader, ‘The Great Victim of this Get Tough Hyperactivity is Labour’ The Guardian (London, 19 June 2008) <> accessed 28 May 2015


In a footnote, cite an author's name as: first name(s) or initial(s) | surname.

In a bibliography, cite an author's name as: surname | initial(s).

Do not include postnominals, such as QC.

If the reference is to an editorial, cite the author as ‘Editorial’.

If no individual author is identified, but an organisation (e.g. BBC) claims responsibility for the work, then cite it as the author.

If no person or organisation claims responsibility for the work, begin the citation with the title.

More than one author

If a newspaper article has been written by more than one author, please see either 'Book with two authors' or 'Book with three authors' or 'Book with more than three authors' (as appropriate) for guidance on how to reference the authors' names.


Enclose the title in 'single quotation marks'.

Give the first letter of all major words a capital letter. Minor words (e.g. 'for', 'and', 'or', 'the') should not be capitalized, unless they begin a title or a subtitle.

If a newspaper article has a title and a subtitle that are not separated by punctuation, insert a colon : between them.


Give the title of the newspaper in italics.

City of publication

For the example in the left hand column, you would have to look at another page on the newspaper's website to locate the place of publication.


If known, give the number of the page on which the article was published.

if the newspaper is divided into sections, and the page numbering begins again in each section, add the section name before the page number with a space but no punctuation between the two.