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PAL Central: PAL Tutor Team

An online hub of guidance and resources for our PAL Leaders and their Level 4 students.

PAL Tutor Team

Mike - PAL Tutor Team

I have been working with the PAL scheme at Bournemouth University in some capacity for nearly 10 years. Alongside my role as Educational Development Tutor for the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, I have developed PAL within HSS enabling its implementation into every 3 year undergraduate programme, finding creative and innovative solutions to the challenges presented by many professional courses with up to 50% placement time during an academic year.  

I have helped support the training of members of the PAL Tutor Team and regularly represent BU alongside the Central PAL Team as part of the South West Peer Learning Network and a broader network of professionals from the International PAL community. I have attended with students from Bournemouth University several National Student PASS/PAL Conferences, delivering a parallel session at the conference hosted by Bournemouth University in 2016.

Caspian - PAL Tutor Team

Hi, I'm Caspian, one of the librarians at the University. I became involved in PAL for the first time at BU, having been drawn to the idea of peer support among students. It is a scheme that provides a great opportunity for both PAL leaders and attendees to develop skills and confidence through collaborative interaction.

My primary role at BU is to provide library support to the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences. I have worked alongside health related disciplines through much of my career, though I have supported most subject areas at one time or another.

I look forward to working with you all and hope you find being a PAL leader rewarding.

Tim - PAL Tutor Team

Hi I’m Tim. I help with the PAL Leader Facilitation Courses a few times a year, and with observations. It’s great to get to know PAL leaders and to see them gain the skills and confidence they need to perform their role well.

My main work is as Faculty Librarian for HSS students, and so I can see first-hand the positive impact PAL makes, so it’s really great that you’ve got involved, and I’ll look forward to meeting you.

Pat - PAL Tutor Team

Hi, my name's Pat. I'm an Academic Liaison Librarian, supporting the SciTech Faculty. I hadn't encountered PAL before I started work at BU. Now having learnt about PALs work, supported the PAL Leader Facilitation Courses and spoken to students who have benefitted from the PAL programme, I can testify it really is invaluable to students. Becoming a PAL leader you are making such a positive difference to your fellow students learning and experience at BU. It's an honour to in turn help you support your peers.


Louise - PAL Tutor Team

I’m a proud member of the BU PAL Tutor Team since 2013. I have this responsibility alongside my main BU role, as Academic Liaison Librarian (primarily teaching and supporting BU Business School Students and Staff).

Being a core part of PAL at BU gives me opportunity to fully utilise my communication and facilitation skills. I've played an integral part in the development of our PAL Leader Facilitation course. I really enjoy delivering our course; it involves the challenge of showing PAL Leaders how it’s done! It’s hard work, but it’s fun! My motivation is encouraging PAL Leaders to learn and develop their skills. Observing individual student's boosted confidence levels is the most fulfilling and rewarding part of my PAL Tutor role.

Anne - PAL Tutor Team

My main BU role is as a Faculty Librarian, supporting the Faculty of Management students and staff. I am passionate about helping students develop transferrable skills and enhancing their employability. Working as a PAL Tutor helps me to contribute to student skills development. I enjoy working with the PAL Leaders, alongside the Central PAL team. My most recent project has been helping to develop the online training materials for the PAL Facilitation Course.

In my Library role I regularly see the difference that the PAL scheme makes to the student experience. I am looking forward to working with all of you.